Cocos Nucifera L.

Coconut tree (cocos nucifera L) is very functional tree or tree with high economic value added. All parts of the tree can be used for human interest, so this tree is often called the tree of life. Because almost all parts of this tree, from trunk, root, leaf, nuts, and palm leaf rib can use for daily people needs.

The young leaf, used for packaging “ketupat “ (Indonesian food ) and for material of traditional medicine. The old leaf is plaiting for roof, and palm leaf rib can use for sweeping.

Coconut fruit consists of; shell, husk, coco meat, and water. Weight of ripe coco fruit is +/- 2 kg.

The shell can be use for a bowl, or for processing material “mosquito medicine “, the husk can be used for rope, door-mat. Etc. and coconut water is very fresh for drinking and makes nata de coco. Coco meat can process to make “copra “ or VCO (virgin coconut oil ).

Coconut Variety
Cocos Nucifera include in “Palmae Family “ as follows

1. “ Kelapa Dalam “ ( Dalam Coconut ) with Viridis variety (green coconut ), Rubescens (red coconut ), Macrocorpu (grey coconut ), Sakarina (sweet coconut )

2. “ Kelapa Genjah “ ( Genjah Coconut ) with Eburnea variety (gading coconut ), Regia variety (king coconut ), Pumila (puyuh coconut ), Pretiosa (Malabar king coconut ).

3. “Kelapa Hybrida “ (hybrid coconut ).

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