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“Dalam coconut Variety “
This variety with high trunk and big, +/- > 30 m. It starts making fruit very slowly +/- 6 – 8 year after planting and the age almost 100 year. Advantage of this variety is; more high copra production, is 1 ton copra in 10 year age, productivity 90 nuts/tree/year, coco meat is very thick and hard with high oil percentage, very tough against disease and fungus.

Hybrid Variety
This variety comes from to cross between “genjah variey “ and “dalam variety “. Disadvantage of this variety is sensitive with not good environment, many fruits but easy influenced climate fluctuation. Size of fruit is small and copra percentage very low. Advantage of “hybrid coconut is : more faster in fruit production +/- 3-4 year after planting. Copra product is high +/- 6-7 ton /ha /year in 10 years age. Productivity +/- 140 nuts/tree/year. Coco meat very thick, hard and high oil inside.

Ecology of the tree
Coconut tree needs life environment that matches for growing up and productivity. Environmental factors are sun, temperature, rain, land condition, and wind. Besides that climate is the main factor that ascertains the growing up of coconut trees.
1. Coconut tree is good plant in rain area 1300 – 2300 mm/year or 3800 mm or more.

2. Wind is very important for flower pollination (cross pollination ).

3. Coconut tree like sun shine in 120 hour/month or 2000 hour/year as photosynthesis energy.

4. Coconut trees are very sensitive with low temperature and very good in 20 – 27 Celsius degree.

5. Coconut trees can live in every kind of land ( sand, hard land, soft land, stone land, volcano, alluvial, etc ).

6. Besides hot weather, coconut tree likes moist air but not to long because can reduce absorbing “hara element “ and water vapor.

7. Coconut trees can live at 600m high level from the sea.

8. Coconut trees need flat area for good life.

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